Thursday, September 27, 2007


using Aptana with debian4.0 embedded browser path not set. use command
export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/xulrunner/
do not use FireFox or Mozilla if using Eclipse 3.3 and newer. Xulrunner 1.8.1 and above is fine
details at

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Install HP 1020 printer with Linux

Visit site install driver and follow the instruction for different linux packages. do not forget to reboot the machine while your Printer on.

Debain 4.0 boot problem with XP dual boot

Debain 4.o with Xp dual boot: Sometime after shutdown Xp and than boot with linux give ACPI exception errors like AE_NOT_FOUND or Searching for Mountpoint without activity.

Mostly Linux with DHCP enable trying for IP Address and Latest Motherboard onboard Lan Card can not initialize in Linux. It easily up under Xp. You can see link disconnection in your Lan Switch or onboard Lan LED.Your linux has to take IP from mostly with your ADSL Modem/Router so it fails to get IP and ends with error/loop.

To come out from this problem do not think in a big way just Power off (computer,ADSL Router and switch) from Main and restart everything will work fine.Check lan connectivity on switch before boot.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

India Income Tax e-return upload Tips.

ITR-3 version1.0 pdf utility has following bugs.
1. HUF return can not validate. to solve problem validate as Individual and than edit xml file with Status "H" instead "I".
2. Put 0 in all the fields which is nil otherwise it will validate but gives error at the time of upload.
3. edit xml with Refund = "0" if return has no refund.
4. edit xml for AdvanceTax and Self assessment tax as all advances goes to Advance Tax field.

ITR-5 ver 1.3 Excel utility upload succesfully but at end gives error and dose not shows ITR-V so go to my return and print ITR-V. if you try again to upload it says revised your return.

keep checking new version everyday and file with new version of utility

Sata Hard Drive not detected

1. Check Power Cable as it is not standard supply. Replace it first.
2. Check Data Cable and try another.
3. Check your BIOS and Enable Serial ATA in the settings. Also keep default settings "AUTO" for the same.
4. Some old mother board requires 1.5 Gb/s transfer rate. Change the jumpers on the Hard drive if necessary.
5. Check for BIOS updates if available.