Thursday, August 16, 2007

ccPrxy.exe SPOOLSV.EXE spyware removed

First run MSCONFIG and go to startup and uncheck ccPrxy and SPOOLSV. Open FileZill or any other file utility and remove ccPrxy.exe(23k) and SPOOLSV.EXE(39k) from windows\system32. be careful and do not remove spoolsv.exe (lowercase), it is useful file for printing. restart the computer.
for any spyware/malware/virus please check windows, windows\system32, windows\system folder/directory for hidden files (on command prompt use dir /od /ah command) for latest hidden files. check dates and names of those file which are not related to windows system files may be virus files. ld.exe and ldu.exe and rm.exe hide in c:\windows folder. which spread through Flash drive on USB ports.
Remove all unnecessary hidden files on your Flash drive like autorun.inf, inform.exe. autorun.inf is most dangerous file for your Flash drive which spreads most of viruses through USB port.