Monday, December 22, 2008

Income Tax Calculator India - FireFox Add-ons

Launch FireFox Add-ons. on 21 Dec 2008.

Now Individual having Salary Income/Interest/Other Income can Calculate Income Tax Liabilities in India.

There are Deduction of mediclaim (80D) and Other 80C (1,00,000 limit) available.

Educational cess and Surcharge also considered.

Suggestions are most welcome.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Extension Developer zip fail to create xpi

When You try to build xpi with Extension builder (Firefox 3.0 above) it gives error to create xpi file like zip failed.
Please put xpi filename with extension
for example "helloworld.xpi" instead of "helloworld"

Monday, November 3, 2008

DriveGuard.exe Virus removal

DriveGuard is Microsoft tool for removal drive protection but if you not installed it and it shows in TaskManager as DriveGuard.exe it should be malware.

How to Remove:
1. Open Task Manager and End process DriveGuard.exe
2. Run regedit and search for "DriveGuard.exe"
3. Delete all entries with "DriveGuard.exe" (be careful while edit registry)
4. Also delete folder C:\Program Files\WinDriveGuard
5. Reboot the machine and check entry in task manager with DriveGurad.exe. It should not appear there.

firefox.exe malware removal

If you find firefox.exe process in task manager with around 3100k size than it is malware.
If you run Ccleaner than it gives message of opened firefox although firefox is not running.

To remove from the system(Windows).
1. boot system in safe mode.
2. run regedit
3. search for the "Stubpath" enetry
4. Mostly It shows "SecSecurity.exe"
5. Delete all "Stubpath" entries from registry ( Be Careful while edit Registry)
6. also remove SecSecurity.exe from Windows\System32
7. Boot in Normal mode
8. check in task manager not entry of firefox.exe around 3100k ( real Firefox entry is more in size)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Service Tax India New St3 Form

I put New ST3 Form which you can export from (as per Notification 31 dt 2 sep 2008.)

I am very sorry to say that government only collects tax from tax payers and not giving facility of just one fill able form! Hon.Finance Minister Pl look into the matter for small service provider who can not file return online.

Pl copy first page from government website into your Word Doc. Other page I publish in google doc.

Save your time, and Build strengthen India.
Jay Hind.

Edit php.ini file will not reflect changes

php.ini reside at c:\windows and if you edit it in c:\php or c:\php523 it will not reflect changes you made. Pl make sure which php.ini you are changing.


If you upload data without line terminator in the file, Data will upload perfectly but you compare field with query will not give result. particularly with last field and local file created with Excel->CSV. Data in the Mysql Table shows exact but \r\n not there so it will not compare and you will not get result of sql query.

If you have generated the text file on a Windows system, you might have to use LINES TERMINATED BY '\r\n' to read the file properly, because Windows programs typically use two characters as a line terminator. Some programs, such as WordPad, might use \r as a line terminator when writing files. To read such files, use LINES TERMINATED BY '\r'.

Php Example:
$sql = "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '".@mysql_escape_string($this->file_name).
"' INTO TABLE `".$this->table_name.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jrun can not start

after you edit jrun configuration from http://localhost:8000 or services jrun admin/cfusion can not start from anywhere (service mmc/jrun launcher). this issue is mainly related to java/jre home. if you are not updated with Jrun4 with updater7 than you can not use jre 1.5 or higher. to start jrun again edit file jvm.config (c:\jrun4\bin) and edit java.home line and make sure to use jre/jdk 1.4. also edit system variable JAVA_HOME to old version.
You can also update Jrun4 with updater7 to resolve this issue. after update you can use Java 1.5 and above.